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Being schooled

Being schooled

Anyone can change their life !
Anyone can choose to follow !
Can anyone have this awesome jeep:)
That’s right…I have wheels! May not be the cleanest or quietest ride but it’s got character.


Yesterday at the after school program I helped a couple girls with homework and found out my geometry isn’t very good. I think I need to go back to school ha. Then it was hula hoop contest in the yard. I lost:( I guess I am also lacking in my hula skills but I think with practice I’ll get better.

So…lesson is Sarah needs to learn a lot of old skills. I used to hola hoop as a kid and was awesome at it. I used to know geometry and was average at it. There always is time to learn at any age.

To end my evening I drove my jeep down the coast and went to play bingo! First time experience for me, I didn’t win but it was fun! Pizza, drinks, and fun by the sea:)


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