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In an effort to learn the island and try and fit in as best as I can with islanders I had my friend Stephan take me around on the West side. Being that he is ex-marine and has a reputation on the street it was a fun day. I saw some other sides of my friend that you never would guess existed if you just looked at his appearance. One being that he loves espresso and he can get one for free by flirting with the espresso maker. Let’s just say the espresso maker was not a girl and that Stephan can really blend in with any crowd. Regretfully I did not capture much of these moments with my camera since I wanted to kinda not look like a tourist. Although wearing bright pink and short shorts kinda makes me stick out next to a black dude.

I started my day not knowing what to do and also feeling very sorry for myself. Another night missing Andy and crying, I’m not sure what is up with this week but the wound seems wide open again.

When I first came to the island I met Stephan at the lighthouse and for some reason God was saying that he was to be my guide if I were to come back. I don’t know what for exactly but as I talked more with Stephan today I learned he has an interesting skill. He was trained to gather information on areas before troops were sent in. So this means he automatically will scope out an area and figure out where is the bad spots and what are safe. If somehow he can teach me how to do that, who knows what God will use that for, wherever I land after this island.

I am being trained for something. For now I am supposed to write and share my story. Figure out how to not let grief consume me and figure out how to get Sarah back.

Andy would be proud of me today. I jumped off the pier with some others encouragement. That was fun! I may stick out like a sore thumb but for some reason it doesn’t really feel all that awkward being so different here. All the others on the pier counted down for me to jump..1..2..3..Go! Oh who am I? I do not recognize this person in front of the mirror. Faintly she reminds me of college Sarah, fearless and curious.

Good news! I had my poo tested and I have no parasites! Yay! Ok yea gross…but I guess that’s needed for a health card, which I need to get tomorrow as well as my police record. Thank God I had someone with me when I went to the police station today to fill the paperwork out. Tomorrow I drive all the way back to the West side to get my report and hopefully there is not blemishes on it, haha.


“Pain is weakness leaving the body” –Stephan


Romans 5:3-5

Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance, perseverance, character, and character, hope.

Healing Eyes
Healing Eyes

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chemobrainandmorePosted on  11:30 pm - Jun 26, 2014

You have amazing character! You will find the “new” you as you explore and meet new people. I too am trying to figure out who I am now, and I am trying to enjoy the journey and let it take me where it make. With God on your side you can do anything! “Hugs”

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