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Shopping without my partner

Shopping without my partner

Andy would be proud. I broke down and grocery shopped. The instant I took that step into Kmart the memories of Andy overwhelmed me. He loved grocery shopping more than me. I hate it. He loved looking for clearance deals in electronics and automotive.

I got the oil changed on the jeep. I bought a tire wrench. All for Andy. Check that off my list of getting past. I even bought rainx windshield cleaner and micro fiber clothes because that’s what Andy would buy. Oh it’s hard starting over and living without my partner. It’s terrifying each time I go out that door to face a world without Andy.

Early morning after a night of sleeplessness I finally fell into a deep deep sleep. I remember Andy whispering something to me..as if he was there helping me sleep. I even thought I felt the dogs on my legs but that’s impossible since they are alive still. So much I miss from my life with Andy and the pups. Normally we would go to the dog park before grocery shopping and also take the dogs out to eat first during the summer months. So many ‘no mores’.



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anne marie medinaPosted on  9:20 pm - Jul 7, 2014

Sarah You are incredible. I know that Andy is smiling and enjoying your great works.God Bless you

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