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Uno is the card game of choice for the kids at the club. I was a hit since I had a new deck of cards and would play for hours (I mean hours!). Slowly the kids are realizing I am going to be around for a while and they wander up to me while I am sitting at the picnic table. Today’s conversation jumped from if God can die to Jesus Dying on the cross and then finally me explaining the deck of cards were Andy’s but he died before he could play them. Kids are really great listeners.

Another kid read me several books (one was a joke book and the other Berenstein¬†bears) and then later we played Uno for hours. He was a soft spoken kid and a nice change from all the screaming I normally receive. The two girls in the video came by later to play and normally they scream during Uno but I explained this was ‘quiet Uno’ and they respected my request. Each time I go back I don’t know what to expect and I am nervous and hesitant to go but then the kids surprise me and slowly accept me.

The bathroom is broken there so everyone stateside appreciate those flush toilets…the porty johns get very hot in the middle of the day.

Healing Eyes
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Mike HowardPosted on  3:15 pm - Jul 30, 2014

Put a smile on my face today. Just wait until they learn all the strategy behind skip & draw 2 so they can beat Sarah!

    SarahAndyJourneyPosted on  9:30 pm - Jul 30, 2014

    The cruzan version of Uno is way different. I’m still trying to learn it:)
    These kids are amazing!
    They take after watching there parents play dominoes which is slot of yelling and slapping the table.
    In uno I catch myself slapping the cards down already.

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