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Sick but not beaten

Sick but not beaten

Yesterday I attended an all Black church downtown with my two friends. It was a rememberable time, more so because of the sermon. The music was a bit repetitive but it was loud and full of life which was a nice change.
The sermon was about giving up everything if God commands it. Letting go of precious belongings, enjoyable past times, and acting instead of just listening.

A commitment to Christ is proven during crisis. How we act under pressure speaks to our faith in the unseeable.

Ugh..am I living that life! Faith that I’ll be taken care of. Faith that giving up my material items will produce more than I can imagine. I miss biking and kayaking…I miss my job. I loved my job but it was something I had to let go of. I want to see what will happen and where I’ll be led to next. It’s kinda exciting not knowing what to expect each day.

Andy is gone and I mourn.
The puppies are not in my care and I weep for there companionship.
My house is gone and I miss the memories long gone.
My bike is far from me and I miss those long miles on straight trails.
My career is upside down and I miss the challenge it brought.
My body is weak from being sick since yesterday but it’s only temporary. A reminder that these bodies are temporary. We walk a cursed earth and we look around to acquire wealth and prosperity and a part of our souls are always longing for more.
In the end we die with nothing…Solomon wrote: everything is meaningless under the sun…what was done was done before.

Maybe we are in a constant loop of repetitiveness. There will always be poor and sick to care for. Enjoy food and wine. Love everyone and care for one another. Survive this earth until the true living begins.
Preparation for eternity … The gifts acquired here should come with us..and they aren’t stuff bought at a store.
Gift of compassion
Gift of love
Gift of serving
Gifts of suffering
Gifts of a child’s innocence..that perhaps can awaken in us what was long suppressed…eyes for the beauty all around and taking time to see, truly see!

I tried the giving in the offering plate at church. My last $5 dollar bill in my wallet. Had to walk all the way to the front of the church, in front of strangers to give it. The sermon also talked of the 2 widows in the bible. God provided for them at there darkest moments and they had faith. So the last time I gave I got care packages from a long lost friend in Michigan.
This time, last night, I got my favorite dinner from a new friend !! Chicken, potatoes and green beans!!! I love trusting.



Healing Eyes
Healing Eyes

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Anne MariePosted on  5:10 pm - Aug 4, 2014

How very touching and faith inspiring

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