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Heart strings pulled

Heart strings pulled

I’m on my way to see my dogs after 5 months apart. The second hardest thing to do after Andy died. I fear seeing them will break my heart again. But I miss them…they remind me of Andy and I need that. I need a piece of Andy back.
It’s a 2 week break before any after school program starts back up on the island. What if this is the time to go back to what I left behind and start over again.
Give up the island story and go back stateside.
My heart feels some peace in the states. Would I be giving up if I returned? Can two dogs be the straw that breaks my journey…

Am I not human to have doubts?!
Doubting my decisions. Second guessing every action I take.
Andy knew me well..he knew I regretted choices I made.

To hold my dogs for 2 days and say goodbye again. For how long this time do I go? Will my dogs understand me going away again?

I need prayer to know if I am to continue on. To give the island more time. To let my dogs down again.
I don’t have it all figured out … I am a wanderer looking for answers amidst grief.

Healing Eyes
Healing Eyes

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Mary WalkerPosted on  2:48 am - Aug 20, 2014

Sarah I can’t even begin to understand what you’ve gone through or are going through, at such a young age. My prayers are with you and I’m certain God will lead you in the right direction. I’ve found in my walk with Him that when I’m feeling alone I feel closest to Him, I depend on Him more. The more I press in hard, the more I see Him. As crazy as it sounds, the more amazing and beautiful it gets, it’s the only life worth living. Hang tight little lady, He’s got this! Trust Him and pray hard, I’ll be praying with you! Your Sister in Christ, Mary Walker(Degage)

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