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So many kids

So many kids

First day of school at the Lighthouse Mission. It was a nice break from the Boys and Girls Club since I only had 12 kids to attend to. However, I missed my kids at the other club and wished I could be in both places at the same time. Too many kids and not enough of me. Readers you will notice when I am too tired to write a brilliant blog entry:)  Letting kids pull at your heart is more exhausting than one might think, especially for a woman who closed the door to children a long time ago. Now I have too many kids that I love and not letting them wear me out is the new challenge. Each child has the same problem it seems, reading comprehension is just not there, it’s frustrating to see them struggle with words their age should know. I worry for their future and it makes my heart cry. We need more teachers or volunteers to mentor these children…there has to be more that can be done so each child doesn’t get overlooked. The kids at the Boys and Girls club are literally screaming for attention and the staff is doing it’s best to help but they are understaffed and need more teachers. The kids that misbehave get more attention while the quiet ones get left behind. Somehow there has to be a way to change it…there has to be a reason why I am here other than to feel inadequate in helping sooo many little hearts.

Positive moment though was when the Lighthouse kids all said my name really loud because they remembered me. It’s nice to be remembered. One of the girls hugged me and did all her homework today. Another girl was sassy and loud as usual but stood up for me in class, I love that young lady.

Goodnight everyone…I am at my end for the day and will pass out soon

Healing Eyes
Healing Eyes

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lighttheliePosted on  11:37 pm - Sep 16, 2014

Oh my gosh yes I can totally relate! When my husband and I started helping with the students at church we never thought we would be so completely and emotionally drained. You are going such an amazing thing by being there for those kids!

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