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Answering the call again

Answering the call again

After much back and forth on prayer with God and perhaps some stubbornness. I have taken the next leap of faith in what he is asking me to do. First though yesterday I heard a bible story about Gideon and him asking God to give him a sign..something about making the morning dew not appear on a wool fleece and that would be a sign that the request was from God. Then he didn’t believe it when God did it and he said alright make everything else dry and just the wool fleece damp. So it took a couple tries for Gideon to believe what God was telling him to do.

I haven’t been laying a wool fleece outside my door (although I wonder if that would work in modern days hmm) but I have been putting off what God said to do and asking for signs. This morning I sat down on my porch and prayed that if he wanted me to pull the trigger and dish out the money to start the paperwork for forming a business and the non profit status that he would make it clear to me right away to do it. So then as I’m sitting outside I get a call from the ‘legal people’ wanting to answer all my questions I was procrastinating on. In my mind I still think this is a ludicrous plan and seriously impossible to accomplish, I mean the logistics are maddening on how to pull this off, and the fees are large. But I can’t refuse a blatant phone call after praying about what to do….so there you have it. I pushed the button and awaiting to hear if the business name “Healing Eyes, Inc.” is approved and then await the IRS to approve my tax exempt request which will take months I’m told.

Why the name, Healing Eyes? Well…

“Healing eyes comes from what we cannot see. Most often through life we can allow pain to imprison our minds and guide us numbly through life. God promises to be our light in times of trouble and our loving Shepard if only we surrender what is precious to us. Pain can cause blindness but it also can be a gift from God if we hand it over… Let go to breathe.”

“Through brokenness is pain. After the blindness of pain is lifted we can see with new eyes. Without loss it’s harder to truly know joy.”

“I reached the end of self by losing everything! Being set free at last!”


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Cindy SmithPosted on  5:25 pm - Sep 26, 2014

how exciting! Can’t wait to hear more 🙂

    Healing EyesPosted on  9:09 pm - Sep 26, 2014

    I know! sooo scary but I guess if it seems Impossible it must be the right step:)
    Pray it’s the right thing to do and God keeps using me for his plan

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