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lesson in the park

lesson in the park

With each day comes change..sometimes its drastic and sometimes its minor. With that said I have moved again on island and this time I have cut back again and am in just a room in a house. It felt like the right thing to do and God made it very clear it was time to move. Perhaps I am supposed to never feel ‘settled’ so that I appreciate every gift given to me. I used to have my own house in Michigan and then I downsized to an apartment…to a room in a house..back to an apartment..and now back to just a room. Maybe sometime it will be a house again ha. I have a mini fridge like in college and I have a roof over my head. Today a friend donated to microwave to me for free so now I have more to be thankful for.

A supporter in Michigan helped pay for my groceries and gas for the week and my Jeep did not break down on the road today. So I am thankful.

The biggest blessing came today after being here for 6 months I got to spend the day with one of my girls outside of the club. Finally! After trying over and over to get a parent to respond to me it just happened. I woke up this morning feeling meh and then I get a text with the mother’s number to contact her about giving her daughter Ukulele lessons. She spoke a bit of english and after explaining who I was and that I am not crazy she said yes. Fifteen minutes later I was downtown in the park teaching the ukulele. It ended up being a lot talking and singing. I was proud when I heard her do the 4 chords I taught her at the end and realized how much I love teaching. We were sitting in a public park by the water when an older lady came by and asked if I did guitar lessons, she had prayed for God to give her affordable lessons. I told her I knew the ukulele and that maybe it was better for her arthritic hands…so we exchanged numbers and I might have another student. If anyone knew me before coming to this island they would laugh at the sight of me singing in the park with a ukulele the song ‘All of Me’. She sang along too and it was quite surreal. A few strangers lingered a long time that day to listen to us.

God had something in mind for me today and it wasn’t what I expected. The ukulele lesson turned into a mentoring session between a young widow and a 12 years old who spoke quite mature. We learned a lot about each other and when she asked if I was a christian I said, “yes, but I used to not want anything to do with religion and churches”. That raised her eyebrow and in my straight forward way I explained to her what I meant and how I have changed from not liking kids to now being surrounded by them. At one point I started to shed a tear and she quickly got choked up too. She said the sweetest thing, “Sarah, maybe your baby is happy in heaven right now and happy”. I said, “I hope so”.

Sometimes it’s not going to church that makes the biggest impact in lives. It’s going out into the world where moments are captured. Perhaps on a picnic table on the park or even in a pizza parlor, either way I have made a step forward and she really impacted me today.

It’s crazy that in 4 hours I could touch on every ‘after to school special’ type of conversation with a kid but we did. She told me I can’t ever leave, or at least not until she turns 18. I’m trying to think if I ever felt so treasured before…I’m told my personality type needs validation for what I do, appreciation for my work. Today I got a big dose of it from God through a special girl.

She now has my pink ukulele to practice on. So my next request is not for me but for her. I would love to find someone that wants to buy a ukulele for her. If anyone knows anyone looking to give back send them my way:) Perhaps we can make this world seem even smaller to a little girl on an island.

Healing Eyes
Healing Eyes

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Cindy SmithPosted on  6:37 pm - Nov 2, 2014

Love this….such a great God story! This is how God works in the little things, in the every day…glad you are open to using what God has given you….even if its as simple as a ukulele….so glad you weren’t embarrassed to sing in a park. God is blessing your obediance 🙂

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