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Hiding behind masked pain

Hiding behind masked pain

Through brokenness is pain. After the blindness of pain is lifted we can see with new eyes. Without loss it’s harder to truly know joy.

When the walls fall we are most vulnerable and yet most able to accept help.

Have I moved on from my grief?


If I were to ‘move’ on than I would have forgotten what molded me into who I am and why I am here. I can’t simply put blinders on to what is around me and what irritates me. It seems there is a line one isn’t to cross when publicly sharing a life. Fear of offending someone or pushing the wrong buttons, challenging others beliefs.

What if that wall was taken down? If we could be be free to speak what God has laid on our hearts without judgment or dislike from others.

I see so many fake faces around me…I see kids who just want to be hugged or acknowledged…shown compassion…or shown discipline. Yet adults just pass by or get stuck in the confines of a set schedule of the way things have been and always will be. The kids see it, they learn the ‘routine’ of going through the motions. No wonder they challenge authority and wiggle in there chairs when made to sit still. They want variety, genuine attention, and someone to just fight back their stubbornness. Put down the lesson plans and scripted pieces of paper that tell you want to say and feel. Speak from your heart, teach from your heart, break away from the marketed materials placed in your hands and really truly share a story that MEANS something to YOU. Everyone, kids and adults, want to hear truth! Hear words from the heart and life experiences that they can relate to. Not ancient bible stories that have been pounded in their heads over and over. Genuine love and attention, advice, mentoring, and a connection with their suffering.

I shared tears with a 12 year old girl yesterday about my losses…that is priceless. A real connection that we should be seeking out more than just getting a certain number of saved souls. Nourish the souls around….good and bad. It’s the mark churches are missing…share life experiences, share hope, share love!

We grow up and we stay in the routine….we don’t see what is right in front of us. Pain, Love, Emotions, Screams for Attention!!!!

Healing Eyes
Healing Eyes

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