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Timing is everything

Timing is everything

Tomorrow I fly back to Michigan for two weeks reprieve from my solitude. Visiting friends and family. Someone very close to me who I dare admit I’m dating … eek!

Can a widow date? I guess so but it’s scarey. I still feel married and attached To memories of Andy. To live in the now and not in the past. Soooo hard. One day at a time.

Today at the lighthouse the kids were loving.

One of my girl’s was in a super good mood and showed up with a huge smile. She had brought back the journal I gave her the other day after taking her home from the beach. She was sad and scared to be home alone and so I gave her my journal and told her to write about today and draw pictures in it. Instead of just watching TV. It was all I could think of as a last-minute idea to cheer her up. At the same time my heart hurt for having to leave her alone at her house.

When she showed me first thing that journal and said she wrote in it I was so uplifted. The story she wrote in it made tears fill my eyes. She wrote about our day at the beach and about how she had so much fun. The first sentence read, “miss Sarah was so nice”.

I told her I was Proud of her even though she was embarrassed to have me read it. Her whole face was so different today. It’s amazing how a day at the beach outside of a structured program could make such a difference.  Timing is everything.

She was sad I was leaving for two weeks and said I have to come back. I told her I had to go in order to try and raise support to keep helping her. That I am trying to live by sharing my story and get donations. She listened intently. I figure I’ll be honest with her and let her know how I am able to live here…good real life example of living beyond normal. I am concerned about fundraising as i have been unsuccessful so far but more doors are opening sooo I’m hopeful.

Continued prayer needed for support and opportunities to serve.

Healing Eyes
Healing Eyes

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