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1. It takes 7 times to land an idea.

2. It takes 7 times explaining an idea

3. It takes 7x to get peoples attention

4. It takes 7x to not be forgotten

5. It takes 7x to irritate people with persistence

6. It takes 7x to sound repetitive

7. It takes 7x to make an idea stick!

So does it take 7 times of wanting to give up before giving up on giving up?

What’s are the clear steps to take?

  • Work with kids
  • Create a non-profit for neglected kids and/or those in Pain
  • Go to Africa
  • Share stories of loss and hope

How are you doing this?

I was asked while in Michigan how are you surviving and what support do you have. Well if I don’t share than no on will know how to get involved.

  • Using my saving account to Serve
  • Couple individuals give on PayPal
  • Care packages of food and crafts are given periodically
  • Occasional anonymous donations on my blog
  • First speaking gig at a church

How can you help?

  • Share my blog
  • Tell your churches and/or friends I am raising support
  • Invite me to Speak at your church or group
    (Dec 21, Jan 4th I’m in Michigan and FREE)
  • PRAY for doors to open in an unusual ways
  • Care packages (food and/or crafts)
  • Donate $20 if your heart is led to

But really what are you doing on that island?

Well I am doing crafts with kids and helping with homework and trying to figure out ways to go where more pain is. Simple explanation. I am writing about it and then people around the world can chime in and watch as God transforms something awful into something beautiful. Death of a spouse and soulmate into a life forever changed and scarred but not beaten down. I got a ukulele in the mail today for one of my girls. That seemed like an impossible request but a stranger in the U.S. bought it and shipped it. I didn’t like kids and now I am filling my suitcase with crafts for kids instead of clothes for myself. Squirreling away granola bars and snacks in my luggage so I can eat cheaply in order to stretch my money out as far as I can. Finding a box of pine cones for a craft to make turkeys at my doorstep from friends in Michigan. People taking time to do the smallest things to make others smile.


Is Africa a GO and what about St. Croix?!?

Yes…Yes…it is!!!
January 5-22, 2015 through Loving One By One
I will be walking alongside other Ugandans and missionaries helping children and the sick. Stay tune for ways YOU can PARTICIPATE. I am going to try and bring a luggage full of supplies once I know what to bring for those in need. As always donations to support the ground costs of me going is welcome, its tax deductible and checks can be made out to Loving One By One…contact me for more info.

After that short trip I will come back to St. Croix and finish the school year. Then I am going to serve in Africa somehow .. someday.. I am going to live on the edge. I am going to serve in the extreme. Well I hope so.

Healing Eyes
Healing Eyes

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anne marie medinaPosted on  9:42 pm - Nov 21, 2014

Sara,,You are a remarkable young lady. I do enjoy your blogs as you are a talented writer . and admire your tenacity and will power. What you are doing with the kids is to be commended. It is obvious that God is working in your life in ways you didn’t imagine and He will continue to do so and His ultimate plan will be revealed at His will .Keep up the good works. God Bless

Healing EyesPosted on  10:29 pm - Nov 21, 2014

Me tenacious hehe. I like. I’m glad to have met you too…on this crazy walk thru grief and self discovery.

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