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Tale of a hermit crab

Tale of a hermit crab


Anyone can be used to create change. Someone dies and then a new path appears. Conversations with unlikely people reveal a truth about human nature. On a beach in the caribbean discussing losing loved ones and then being thrown into a different path of self discovery.

Holding a conversation with a teacher while a small girl uses me as ghoul in a game of tag. She clings to my arm and waist saying, ‘save me’. Then I say, ‘from what?’  Somehow I became the ‘safe zone’. A girl that keeps to herself and now two days in a row she is clinging, hugging, smiling at me. I ignore her and she keeps coming back. Another boy is gone, off to Canada with his dad and his half sister is left behind sucking a lollipop. I think how is she going to walk home without her more sane brother. Yet she smiles, it’s normal for people to come and go.

A girl yells out for me and squeezes me, says I am her favorite person, that she only comes because of me. She doesn’t like sleeping at home so she stays at her grandma’s…she has forgotten what her house is like. She brought a hermit crab in an empty water bottle and pulled her out, said her name was ‘Miss Sarah’.

A boy who doesn’t listen to authority and is stubborn every time smiles and shrugs at me at the same time. He won’t make bracelets because there are too many kids, then later he comes up and hands me one that was fallen on the ground. He’s a quiet thinker, patient, and silent. A shy mouse too stubborn to come out but really inquisitive to his surroundings.

Two kids gone…don’t know what happened to them, a brother and a sister. The girl was energetic and hyper while the brother was withdrawn and sad.

The boys from the catholic school always there first and so intelligent. Well mannered and dependable to help out. My little helpers. I explain to the one small one I have a plan and I need your help. I want to make as many rubber band bracelets as possible to bring to Africa, can you kids help me. He runs off saying, Miss Sarah is here and we need to make bracelets for kids in Africa. Like wildfire it spreads and by the end of the afternoon I now have about 70 bracelets made and no more rubber bands.

God put a whisper in my heart to ask those with the LEAST to help out with my Africa mission. They will want to help and they will gain the most from helping. Do it. So I step out of my comfort zone and listen and this afternoon the kids crowded around me asking what is a missionary, where are you going, will you come back?

It’s the time of giving and the kids understood. It was so cute and refreshing to have them join in my mission. They thought it was cool that they could make something for a kid in Africa. One kid said be sure to tell them there names so the kids knew who made each bracelet.

I repeated the words Africa and missionary so many times today I might actually be fooled into believing this is for real.

Top it all of with the conversation with the teacher about going to Africa and how she thought that was amazing. That she thought I was doing something good and that even here in St. Croix she saw the difference with the kids. An outside perspective finally, affirmation of a job well done. So many lonely days and nights for these kids but she gave me the hope that I can keep going on. That it’s not crazy. She wants to live vicariously through my journey, to meet someone who actually is going to GO she said was awesome. I told her when I first met her I didn’t like kids…she remembered that and laughed as we both noticed the little girl clinging to me since I had unexpectedly become ghoul in a game of tag. I hugged the girl and let my shield down…finally I let me shield down and let myself love again. I’m not retarded with kids…I’m not poison to them…I can be a ‘mother’. Ahhh I’m crying as I just remembered what Johan told me today, he said…’Miss Sarah, you are my mother’. I asked him what he meant, that maybe he meant to say he liked his mother or his mother said something. But no he said, “Miss Sarah you are my mother’. This boy hugs me every day from behind and I casually say Hi Johan. Every time I see him. He even listens to me when I tell him no. The kids listen to me and I am so soft in my speech.

We went through over 1,000 rubber bands today in less than 2 hours. I am now out! If that’s not like the fisherman story where Jesus filled there nets with an overwhelming amount of fish…I didn’t expect to run out of rubber bands today…these kids amaze me!

What am I to do? I need more rubber bands ASAP:)

and I’m falling in love with kids I will eventually have to say goodbye to. and what about Africa…I will fall in love there too… my heart will just have to handle it… Period!

Healing Eyes
Healing Eyes

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