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An Anniversary of Life

An Anniversary of Life

The heart breaks again today…the anniversary of a death. The one moment in life where everything stood still amidst the crumbling walls around me. December 15th was the longest day of my life a moment I will forever ask Why. We seem to cling to ‘anniversaries’ of time and yet time is fleeting. It’s been a year and today the sky cries with me. The dark clouds are coming in from the east and shedding silent tears overhead… Tears are meaningful and yet we hide them to help others arounds suffer less. No more will I hide the tears, today is a day of transparency. The mountains are shrouded in darkness and yet the sun is awaiting its turn…patiently waiting to shine again. We grieve loss but we don’t die ourselves. We trudge on through the gloom because there is hope that one day we will meet again…

Some of my readers found this blog when it was called SarahAndyAdoption…Some of you when it became SarahAndyCancer…and now it is called HealingEyes. It started with hope of a ‘new life‘, interrupted by ‘reality‘, and now it is again about ‘Hope for a New Life‘.

Andy you left at 10:03pm on December 15, 2013…but the story continues.
You never left a legacy behind in the shape of a child but you have left a legacy behind of a transformed life.
Even in your last minutes you relented and found peace with God… and me.

Now a new life begins and never fear Andy I am not alone. I have been surrounded by children…a life we never could have…you would be amazed to see who I am today. Tomorrow may come without you and though I may shed wild tears for you I know you are smiling down at me as a child wraps their arms around my waist and says I missed you Miss Sarah. Perhaps its a bit of you left behind to comfort me.


Healing Eyes
Healing Eyes

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bigbadbengalsPosted on  3:18 pm - Dec 15, 2014

Keeping you close in my thoughts on this difficult day, xo

KevinPosted on  4:18 pm - Dec 15, 2014

There’s nothing easy here, Sarah. This season you are in. The pain and the healing. The brokenness and the restoration. The loss and the provision.

Your words are as beautiful as words can be in expressing your heart & soul.

This season, like Christmas, is both dark and light. Oppressive and freeing.

I don’t have words and the ones I’ve already used here are weak.

I simply trust God will meet you in the moments. That his presence will be felt and will be real. That he will provide comfort, peace and strength as he continues to call you in your world.

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