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Delicate Flower in need of Watering

Delicate Flower in need of Watering

I’m not gonna lie..I’m feeling stupid, a bit silly, and entirely vulnerable.


I got a ‘grief’ booklet from the funeral home I used for Andy’s funeral one year ago in the mail. I proceeded to read it and each item in it was true to where I am right now. Except the part where I went off and started a Non-Profit and tossed being safe out the window. Although maybe that was one of the symptoms of grief in the booklet..come to think of it. So perhaps I am not that ‘abnormal’.

After a hurricane what do you do?

Pick up the pieces!

Help bring some sanity to this delicate little widow (cough cough dear friend who called me a ‘delicate flower’ in need of help) who went out on a limb and started a Non-Profit to help other people. Yes I am in the business to make NO profit and at the same time SERVE others in pain. Yup…it still sounds insane when I say it outloud.

If anything you can get a tax write off before 2014 is over?!
That has to be worth something:) !

Donate Button with Credit Cards

A 501c(3) Non-Profit. Receipts will be mailed to you for tax write-offs.

Healing Eyes
Healing Eyes

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