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Will Africa expose something?

Will Africa expose something?

Soon I will be getting on a plane again and this time traveling to a country beyond my experiences so far. It has been on my list of places to discover and now I’ll be serving there for 2 and half weeks alongside another Non-Profit.

It has been a hard two weeks with the holidays and facing memories left dormant from when he passed away. Each time I pull at the wound and discover new things about myself. Now I leave again and without a clear direction or what to expect. My internet connection will be limited and so blog posts may decrease but rest assured when I get back I am sure something will be different in me again. What I do with that is a huge unknown but at least I would have listened to a dream in me. A dream to travel and explore, to see how others live, and how others cope. This world is vast and not everyone lives the so called ‘comfortable’ life. Can I survive in such an environment? Only one way to find out….and that is to Go!

Healing Eyes
Healing Eyes

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KevinPosted on  5:34 pm - Jan 5, 2015

The adventures continue. I really don’t have any great words of wisdom for you…and I’m confident you weren’t looking for any from me. Godspeed, Sarah. Continue to follow. You’re on the right path.

Apple Hill CottagePosted on  7:49 pm - Jan 5, 2015

And prayers go with you…

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