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Arriving in London

Arriving in London

As I arrived to the London Airport I looked at the night sky and all the lights shining. I remembered a year ago when I was last here. When Andy was in the hospital awaiting test results.
A liquid river sliced through the ground. My heart felt a great sadness of realization.
I can’t change my past and I can’t feel joy like I used to.
The innocent jitters of excitement in the stomach in anticipation of a new adventure. New sites.
It’s all been robbed of me.
In one moment a year ago I was robbed of joy.
I said goodbye to my husband long before his body failed.

I said goodbye to his body when his spirit was frail.
He looked at me with eyes so dim.
He looked at me with love and defeat.
I feel no joy in this adventure I am on…Andy took that with him to the grave.

I am here to serve for whatever that is worth. ..
I am here to see for whatever that is worth…
My heart is not here today…I lost it a year ago when the lights went out .. that snowy dark night.

Healing Eyes
Healing Eyes

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