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A familiar pain relived

A familiar pain relived

She lay in the dirt with tears falling. Her body trembled with a broken heart. People passed her by as she knelt on the dirt road …
Moses, her son, died at age 20 today from malaria. He arrived too late…he died too young.
I did all I could think of and put my arm around her, I didn’t know her language but I understood the language of pain.
She cried and wailed out…she shook and muttered incoherent words of despair. Policemen came by and look baffled by the scene and did nothing to help. Other local woman looked as if she should just toughen up. I sat in the dirt with her and cried tears at her side.
It was all I knew to do.
She suddenly shook all over, stiffened and fell on my lap in a contorted shape, yelling wildly. Slowly she Silently calmed down and sobbed.
Time stood still at that moment as her heart broke over and over.

The scene must have looked odd.
Me a white Mazungoo holding a Ugandan woman in front of a hospital on the dirt ground.

Now imagine how awful some people can be…the whole thing was a sham! The woman and her husband were lying and faked the entire scene!

Beware!!! Some people are beyond deceitful…glad I didn’t give them any money.

Healing Eyes
Healing Eyes

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