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Travelers Beware

Travelers Beware

To those who wished they live a life of travel and adventure. Don’t! It’s not really everything we dreamed up as a child…it’s the most stressful anxiety riddled life to pursue. Why? Well easy…take this photo for example that now has my belongings packed in it again, all the vacuum sealed bags with clothes and a very thin pillow all compressed into 2 containers that I pray are under 50 lbs each.

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Following God sometimes means being ready to Go when he says Jump. So now I jump and get on another fricken plane, leaving behind very precious little girls and boys.

What also isn’t glamorous about travel is traveling alone! Yes as a widow You now are faced with the realization that you have to pack all the bags and You have to carry them to and fro. Myself being kinda petite (5’4″) I don’t have the biggest muscles for the job but again another downfall of being alone after being used to a partner for 13 years. Never take for granted that husband at your side ladies, even when they aggravate you and irritate you to death.

Finally, why traveling isn’t what you dreamed of as a child….the airports. Need I say more?! Being moved around like cattle and crammed into small spaces with who knows next to you. Crying babies, loud talkers, and yes the kicker right behind your seat. All flying is a Bus in the Air except you can’t have the breeze on your face and no stopping at that truck stop.

Did I scare you off from being a traveler and adventurer yet?

Alas, I can’t deny there is some sense of freedom and abundance to this life, even with all the negatives. Meeting new people and seeing what you are capable of out of your comfort zone. Adapting to change more easily. And if you are me it’s those kids smiles when they light up each time I return from a trip…yelling… “Miss Sarah is back!!!!!!!” Then they squeeze my waste and tackle me.

I don’t want to leave the kids God! But I must…I have to see what could come of a blossoming relationship in Michigan and I must build support for Africa where thousands of kids could use some compassion and perhaps selfishly I could use all those tiny little hugs.

Healing Eyes
Healing Eyes

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this abundant lifePosted on  1:02 pm - Feb 19, 2015

Looks like you are doing some great work. Thanks for sharing. I have also just posted about some of the challenges of travel.

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