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Birds DO want to do my dirty laundry!

Birds DO want to do my dirty laundry!

I’m NOT giving up Universe!

I have a simple and humble list of things I want and I Believe it’s all possible!

Picture this…

Crackers and cheeze (yes cheeze and not cheese), some lemonade and maybe Fruit Bowls. OH and some squishy couches for comfort and coziness. Free African Necklaces for the first 5 people through the door (Yes Men you too could have a necklace). Chairs, tables and a projector to share the Vision of the Future.

Sound Impressive right?! OH ya! It’s quite brilliant and highly creative!

Sprinkle in some people curious as to what I’m talking about and add some hearts open to listen to the Universe.

I am not going to wish for birds though…that has happened before. Really! It has! One day a week ago I was joking about my life being like Disney and birds doing my laundry and singing songs in the morning with me. I was sharing with my brother how nice it is to hear birds sing again and in winter! Then what happens?! The next morning, I kid you not, a bird woke me up in my apartment and decided to sing to me. I wasn’t too thrilled by this joke from the Universe but I guess you have to be careful what you Envision…it might come true. I didn’t really envision the part where I was crawling on the floor with a robe over my head screaming for the bird to leave and trying any door to influence it’s decision. Sometimes things don’t always work out as dreamed but I guess the power of suggestion is stronger than previously thought.

Healing Eyes
Healing Eyes

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