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I know Who I Am!

I know Who I Am!

I love KIDS!!!! Yes I DO!!!!!

My husband would be flipping out right now and amazed at the transformation. Years of never having kids and trying to have kids hardened our hearts. But Now GOD has done a miracle…and I love kids! Which leads me to Missing the kids I fell in love with.


That’s why I can’t help but run back to see them:)  No I’m not moving back to St. Croix but I sure am gonna love seeing them in a month and giving each one a huge hug! I wanted to see them before school was out and now since I am going to Africa this May I needed to push the date up.

I’m coming End of April to hug each one and embrace who God made me…how he finally used fire and pain to win be back. How he made me smile and enjoy being vulnerable around kids…feeling stupid and awkward. I don’t have kids of my own and never will but I am finally for the first time in my life COMPLETELY ok with that because more are the children of the desolate woman.

Come May of this year I’ll be with even more kids and living in poverty but at the same time feeling the most Rich I have ever felt. I will see things that will bring me to tears and break me even more for the years ahead in this ministry. I am ready for it! Bring it ON! Bring the impossible my way and show me how to build that home for neglected kids in Africa. Why NOT?! The impossible is way more possible when it’s not my idea. This week I have learned something about myself and it was through another breaking point God used on me, did it make me sad and feel hopeless.. YUP! Did it make me feel like I am not worth it and not good enough for the task? YUP! But who cares because I know that for years upon years I have felt incomplete and alone. But finally I don’t feel alone anymore! It’s finally happening.. I am becoming who I always thought I would be. A MISSIONARY!

Great song…that sums it all up!


Healing Eyes
Healing Eyes

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Anne Marie MedinaPosted on  9:38 pm - Mar 12, 2015

With God all things are possible Congrats .Very happy for you .God bless .Love Anne Marie

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