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What if Pain brought Joy?

What if Pain brought Joy?

What’s the secret to healing from a loss so great everything else seems impossible?

What’s the secret when a memory sparks a tear?

What’s the secret to abundance?

Giving up and Believing even when others cannot..even when the pain continues…even if the pain brings joy. If you knew following the pain would lead to joy would you do it? Or would it seem illogical to go down a path of pain in order to find joy?

Some of you know pieces of my story … fragments of a past long gone. Yet that past keeps coming back and when it does the full force of that gut wrenching pain resurfaces, it stabs at my heart, it chokes off air, and brings dreams at night that I thought long gone. Perhaps it’s true that a pain so great can never be completely healed but it can be softened. Someone shared a story with me about how losing someone can leave a gaping hole in your heart and it has sharp edges all around it. Over time those edges will soften but that hole will aways remain…..Always be there as a reminder…Always incomplete and yet can turn into something beautiful. A hole that reminds of what WAS and what IS…a hole that can be as deep as the darkest pit but if we learn to control its power it can be a slight bump in the road. That’s the secret of loss…managing the hole left behind. No on else can do it for you and No one else can see the hole.

But those that Believe in faith and a God that forgives and loves even though we are made to see such horrendous things have hope for something more.

Hope that life can be beautiful amidst so much suffering.

In my mind I keep thinking…it only takes 12. It only takes the smalls to create the bigs.

Perhaps Healing Eyes is small but that could be it’s secret to success..

Believe It!
Feel It!

Healing Eyes
Healing Eyes

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TammyPosted on  2:33 am - Mar 20, 2015

Only God can take tremendous hurt and pain and work it to our good. (Romans 8:28 is true!)
Joy comes from learning to trust Him. And the hole? Yes, it remains but how you choose to fill it is what counts. It can be filled with every thing from extreme bitterness to total elation. I’m glad you’re choosing Joy! ?

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