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Another car becomes a thorn in my side 

Another car becomes a thorn in my side 

Can’t catch a break on buying cars since my husband passed away. It’s apparently clear what I thought I knew of cars is worthless. 

New car needs new starter and the dealership probably knew it when they sold it too me:(

Sigh…is this all because I decided to live by faith and do missions?  It seems I’m losing more money than I can get to even serve in Africa. 

Utterly discouraged at what I’m to do…I can’t hate the dealership since that’s not christian like … But I also can’t afford another lemon of a car. 


Healing Eyes
Healing Eyes

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Apple Hill CottagePosted on  11:57 pm - Mar 20, 2015

Go to the dealer and whine loudly. Pray first. ?
It can’t hurt.and who knows what they’ll do!

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