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And they keep coming in..and the attacks on my spirit grow

And they keep coming in..and the attacks on my spirit grow

It would be great to hear from my readers and perhaps get some prayer warriors going for encouragement to keep going with this Africa Crazy Adventure. Some ask how do I keep doing this? What keeps you going? Why do you do it? Your one crazy strong woman!


I don’t know how I keep doing this..pure faith mixed with insanity…
Perhaps it’s those faces in pain that keeps me going..
I do it because it makes sense..
and no I really am not that strong…

What I do know is I just got some additional support from a friend and I am feeling a bit better after my rough morning of self-doubt and worry. So now drum rolllllllll…..I’m at $3,425! BooYaa!!!

Anyone want to help keep the momentum going and push it to the
$4,000 marker before the end of the day? 🙂

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