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Believe with caution

Believe with caution

As I consider where I am now in life and ponder … What the crap happened … I think hmm it’s kinda my fault.

Believe That you will Receive it…and it will be yours! Did I do that? Did I actually back myself into the corner and ‘believe’ this all into existence? Crap! Why doesn’t it put a warning label in the bible versus about the power of believing and to use it with extreme caution. Now What Do I do? Follow Through and do what I believe and keep going crazy?

Now I would swear at this point..several times I wanted to add a few colorful words but than I thought, Crap, I can’t do that anymore, especially when quoting bible verses. Crap Crap Crappity Crap Crap.

Getting closer to my goal of $5,000 by May. Just got a $100 donation that puts me at….$3,655!

No I am not a typical ‘missionary’ nor do I understand why me…but excited to head to Africa again to investigate more what I believe in.


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KevinPosted on  2:06 pm - Apr 11, 2015

I often think prayer is like a loaded handgun left out on the table and we are the toddler who picks it up.

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