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I do have a purpose …. I am worth it …and Yes I am a widow and proud of it

I do have a purpose …. I am worth it …and Yes I am a widow and proud of it

Honesty time…I don’t have an abundance of money. Really, I don’t…it is slowly depleting and with no job and no prospects of ‘normal’ job life returning I only can continue this work by finding those out there that want to make a difference in another child’s life by partnering with me.

For example, the crafts I am bringing to St. Croix with me.. DONATED…by a dear friend and supporter since the beginning. I am so grateful for her:)

Today I am going to count each blessing and choose to get up today and say, I am worth it, and yes this kind of life can work! And Yes it’s lonely and I miss Andy but there are a lot of things to be grateful for.

I don’t have yard work to do anymore because I have no house.
I get to travel, which is annoying but if I look at it from an exotic point of view its pretty snazzy.
I’m going to see the Lighthouse kids tomorrow and that’s awesome.
I’m going to Africa in 4 weeks to live in another woman’s home and work with kids all day and perhaps be scared to death by a rat or snake during the night….that’s pretty exciting
Lastly, today I am PAMPERING myself with a 50 minute massage and I am going to enjoy every single minute!
and then…I’ll go buy some last minute craft supplies from donated money and pack my suitcase to head off to St. Croix with a smile on my face because I do have a purpose! It’s just not your typical American Dream purpose..but IT IS A PURPOSE!

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