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A gimme gimme mentality

A gimme gimme mentality

I am sickened by what I see in the future generations here. The damage done by white people coming in and giving freebies to the children over the years has created damaged relationships. Even if the gifts were given with good intentions the consequences of those actions has caused severe harm to the self esteem of future generations. 

How can children grow up to be successful when they see themselves as helpless and poor. Only deserving of handouts. What hurts more is that I am in a way aiding in this continued mentality of relying on white people to fix there situation for the better. 

I am sickened by my own heritage. Embarrassed by those who came before me. 

When the Mazungoo drive in with there good intentions of helping others the locals wave and greet with smiling faces. It’s as if we are celebrities when In truth it is broken and entirely messed up. We get puffed up egos by being welcomed so easily and leave feeling important. They are looking to the wrong source for help. It’s only within that change can happen. Confidence , self esteem, and reliance on there own abilities and talents to succeed. We are interfering with that opportunity by our presence in matters beyond our reach. Locals must see locals creating change and not a van full of Mazungoos coming and going while smiling and waving. 

All that said I still love these kids and see potential if only the Mazungoos would stop giving freebies in the wrong situations. Think hard first about what that handout will do to the future of the kids ability to rely on themselves. 

Healing Eyes
Healing Eyes

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Anne Marie MedinaPosted on  6:46 pm - May 25, 2015

Sarah ur intentions are extremely honorable .Those kids are blessed to have you .Keep on with your Faith journey .God is guiding your path and u r also blessed .Lv AM

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Kevin BakerPosted on  1:19 pm - May 26, 2015

Two good resources around this concept are When Helping Hurts and Helping Without Hurting by Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert. You’re spot on, Sarah. It’s hard because people generally mean well. We need to educate better on the front end. Keep up the good fight!

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