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Meeting between demons and a widow

Meeting between demons and a widow

Do you believe in coincidence or fate? 

Yesterday I had hoped to visit the school called mugomari where I felt uncomfortable at. I feel drawn there even though I feel evil there. But those plans fell through and were moved to today. On arrival I felt a bit uncomfortable but soon I was led over to the primary school next door where hundreds of elementary age kids are taught. I took my ukulele in hand and walked over and soon I was surrounded by kids. A nice neat circle of blue dresses and shirts with dark faces crowded around the only white girl. I started to play and sing Somewhere over the rainbow and taught them to sing with me. It was the pick me up I needed before confronting the evil that lay beneath the grounds of the high school. 

After music time I was lured into a classroom to teach English to the small children. Compared to American kids you can’t imagine how attentive they were. These kids want to learn!!! So I took there book and started to stutter through a lesson plan. No adult came by to aid or confirm it was ok…so I just did it. 

The day progressed and I soon was ushered back over to the high school. Past the barb wire fence that divided the schools and into the depths of my fears. I am a skeptic first of all but I am learning that there are forces at play here I can’t explain. The feeling on this side of the fence is entirely different than you can imagine. As the day wore on my headache began and I felt worn out. I can only handle breathing this air for short periods. 

I did enjoy my time with the older kids and they genuinely care. I think they just have no outlet and are oppressed. I sat in on a religion class and guess what the lesson was? Demonic possession !! I kid you not ! Coincidence or God speaking plainly to me? These school grounds are damaged by some ill will for sure and it will take time to heal. During class I tried to lighten the mood by asking questions and making the kids laugh at my curiosity. Quite fun to stick out and not care what others think of me these days. 

I went in with the purpose of the kids and stuck to it..I wandered from class to class to engage others. I even took a piki piki (motor bike ) to get there today on some bad muddy roads. I loved it! Piki piki is the only way to travel. 

My conversations with the kids on religion after class was delightfully fun. They asked bible facts and I said I had no clue. They laughed but I followed it up with why I like Jesus. My relationship with him and how I prayed before coming and explained how I prayed the kids would be nice to me and I would have strength. One girl said “sarah you are strong!”

I had a day of independence and freedom and I dare say I thrived because God helped me do so. Perhaps I have found my element .. The countryside here on piki piki is beautiful and the children once uninhibited by adults are truly beautiful. 

On a side note. I asked the teacher of religion if he believed in demons and Jesus and he said not really. He could go either way and isn’t a firm believer. He is a skeptic. So that means an Agnostic is teaching kids about Christianity on demon possessed lands. Irony? 

Healing Eyes
Healing Eyes

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Last Minute TalentPosted on  4:29 pm - Jun 11, 2015

Thanks for the read, didn’t sound so nice with the evil dwelling there 😮

May I ask you something..

Did you know, God have a personal name?

I have a few articles that might delight you.

But..Do note..
Feel free to delete my message if you disagree/dislike, no hard feelings 😉

Here you can read about God’s name 🙂

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And lastly, Death…is it really the end? What does the Bible say?

I truly hope they reach your heart and wake your interests. And..Since you like Jesus, here is three beautiful articles about how kind and loving Jesus is 🙂




Isn’t he amazing?

Kind regards 🙂

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