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Piki piki

Piki piki

Hello all from Africa….still !
It has been a trying few days of patience opportunities and lack of freedom I am accustomed to in caring for myself back home. Thankfully I think things are smoothing out as my tutor companion who is 21 is playing the role of daughter to our host and I get the freedom I am used to (to a point). 

Today I took a piki to kwirini school. I was driven by car to a gas station where we negotiated a price for a piki piki and then I was solo for the day. Hallelujah! Piki piki is the way to travel. At the school I sat in a class in history and the teacher disappeared and I was invited by the kids to teach english. No text books by the way. Soooo I pulled out my book called Wind in the willows and made up a lesson on English literature. The kids read out loud and I explained words. One boy named Alvin was quite a comedian. Then I shocked them by insisting they right a short story of there own and be creative. They just need to use 3 of the new words and the characters are a mongoose and a hen. They aren’t used to a mazungoo giving assignment. I prefer to challenge them instead of just entertain them. 

Then at lunch time I snuck in to a secret spot some Girls go for lunch and shared my lunch. Soon the new piki piki driver arrived and the kids laughed at me on a motor bike. I’ll say this driver was far faster than the other and I feared a little bit as we went down the mountain. 

As we drove I realized something. I am most content and at peace when I am alone and fending for myself. Thrown into a classroom to perform while little brown eyes stare at me for direction. That is my element… That’s where God is leading me. The country is beautiful and the roads are awful but if I am are free i can finally see little waterfalls cascading down the sides of the road…and little kids screaming mazungoo as I pass by on a motor bike. 

Health wise my works are getting slowly better. I’ll be on meds for a month. My lungs r a but icky so prayer they don’t worsen would be good. But I am well and still alive!

Have a blessed day! 

Healing Eyes
Healing Eyes

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