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Is that a pineapple in your purse?

Is that a pineapple in your purse?

As I walked across the border again, this time alone and after a few taxi hiccups and a mile walk thru Uganda to reach Kenya …I thought something is wrong with this picture. Then I realized this is perfectly normal to walk along the dirt road with cars and bikes buzzing by while I carry my ukulele on one side and my small bag on the other. Dodging semi trucks and onlooking people yelling mazungoo. Yup perfectly normal !

I spent three days in Uganda visiting Billah and her family by the waterfall. It was the highlight of my visit to Africa. I was sick but when I arrived the sickness left and I felt right for the first time in 5 weeks here. It was hard to go but I found out a lot about myself and my faith. Even got the answers I needed from God. He likes to wait until the last week to reveal his master plan. I can say this … It does involve orphans, widows, and yes it’s in Uganda and you can see Kenya from it. Is it land to buy? Nope! But it’s better and I feel very good about this direction.

More to come later. After I recover from being crammed into multiple taxis and yes, some even had people hanging outside the door. I can’t even explain how insane public taxis are! It’s like your cattle being herded without the ventilation. 

Oh pineapple?! My companions I met at the border after they went to Kampala and I went to mbale came back with a purse with pineapple in it. Uganda has the best pineapple! So not only were we crammed in taxis with 20 other people we had pineapples, bananas, ukulele, and bags. It’s definitely a disadvantage to have hips!

Healing Eyes
Healing Eyes

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kbakePosted on  4:56 pm - Jun 22, 2015

Just another day. =) The reality of God waiting to deliver His message is so right on. You reminded me today that if we knew the whole plan up front, we might not go. God knows what we need and when we need it. It’s amazing we don’t surrender ourselves to Him more. Thanks for sharing!

TammyPosted on  11:56 pm - Jun 22, 2015

Sounds like His timing is perfect as usual. And sounds like you are still walking in obedience, even if it’s with a ukulele and a pineapple in your purse. Reminds me of the grandkids book, “Oh The Places We Will Go.” ?. Keep looking at Him! Excited for your next post.

Apple Hill CottagePosted on  1:19 am - Jun 24, 2015

So glad you got to visit Billah.

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