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A Joyous Day felt around the world

A Joyous Day felt around the world

Yesterday I was able to send some money to Uganda to help pay for a very dear friend’s schooling and hopefully it arrives safely to the school account. There is something joyous about calling the brother and telling him the money is on the way. It seems the school had kicked little Billah out again and they were able to convince them to let her stay a bit longer. So I think the timing of this is all perfectly aligned with keeping her in school.

This is all so scary and exciting at the same time as I have no idea how to keep the money flowing in this ministry but it seems to be working for now and in the process making people happy.

I feel like this blog post isn’t well written ha as to me being OVERFLOWING with joy from talking to my friends in Uganda! Perhaps we might have even prevented a little girl from being evicted from school!

Prayers needed big time to ensure the money makes it by the end of the week to the school and the account number I have is correct, that no one cheats healing eyes, and that the school deducts the money from her past fees. Pray for Billah and her safety and her entire family to find some peace amidst there days. Pray for Billah’s brother who has a kind heart and is himself struggling to get back into the university to become a surgeon.

Can October come any sooner?! I am anxious to return to the waterfall and live a life I was intended for even though it is the hardest kind of life imaginable. Through great struggle comes the most rewarding pay offs though.

If you ever thought of sponsoring a child in need I can really understand how it may not seem rewarding when you don’t have the close relationship gained by direct contact with the family. But I can tell you this, either way it is all about helping a child feel God’s loving arms and not about how we feel by helping. The boost of adrenaline in joy is a nice perk to helping though:) If only I could transfer that feeling to all of you more directly ha!

Thank you to everyone for reading and praying and supporting…just big hugs for everyone and let the Big Hen be slaughtered tonight for the joyous celebration over building relationships abroad!! (yes a slaughtered chicken analogy, my dear little friend wrote that in a letter to me, she is only 9 years old but in Africa it is a great thing to offer an abundant meal to visitors in joy of receiving them)


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