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Pay it Forward this Back to School Season

Pay it Forward this Back to School Season

If I said 15,000 Shillings buys a school uniform and that is only $4.41 … 300 shillings buys a broom ($.09) ….

  • Ream of ruled paper – 15,000 ($4.41)
  • Exercise books – 300 ($.09)
  • School bag – 50 ($.01)
  • Plastic blue cup – 50 ($.01)
  • Uniform – 15,000 ($4.41)
  • Grey Socks – 100 ($.03)
  • Broom – 300 ($.09)
  • Toilet Paper – 50 (.01)
  • Scrubber brush – 50 (.01)
  • Small flask – 50 (.01)
  • Mosquito net – 100 ($.03)
  • Pocket money – 20,000 ($5.87)
  • Sweater – 1000 ($.29)

IMG_5167The loose change in your spare drawer can do more than one would think. It’s shocking how far $1 can go to providing comfort to another far away. So as we gear up for Back to School shopping and sales fliers maybe the change left over can make its way to Billah and William hoping to go to school with there shopping list.

I am putting myself out there and asking for 20 people who read this blog or bump into me throughout the month to help fill my shopping cart to Pay it Forward this school season. $20 a person will allow me to pay for supplies and send William to school with his cousin and also ensure Billah doesn’t get kicked out of school for late fees.

and if $20 is too much for you right now than even $10, $5, or $1 can bring a smile to these 2 kids I love dearly.

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