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What a little ‘believing’ can do to lift spirits

What a little ‘believing’ can do to lift spirits

Can I tell you a story? Of course I can it’s a blog! ūüôā

I am happy..Why? Well I talked to my friend in Uganda again about Billah and found out the money arrived safely at her school and teachers were happy. Billah was happy. And the family was happy. Sooooo I am happy.

It’s small steps really but I’ll take the tiny steps forward over just sitting still and going mad. Now I just need to find the remaining funds to cover the rest of her back school fees and also get little William into school.

No problem!

I have faith and believe it will happen. Somewhere out there someone has $20 just dying to make its way to these 2 kids in Africa and I can’t wait to share with them what an impact they made in a child’s life because of it.


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