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Vulnerable to rejection and hopeful for the future

Vulnerable to rejection and hopeful for the future

What I dislike about following God and his vague approach to mission work.

First…the Rejection and vulnerability I am now facing

Second…Not knowing what the next step is when he says , ‘Go’

Third…and most irritating… The tightness in my chest that comes from a day of worrying and stressing about how will I pull of an event I have never done before and engage strangers in my endeavor by COLD calling businesses for sponsorship. Seriously God! Really! ME! I am an I-N-T-R-O-V-E-R-T not a social butterfly. Ahhhhhhh.

Anyone want to do missions work or run a non-profit? Think twice, it is not glamorous and its quite difficult. Yea you get to travel and see new things and meet strangers but you are the Minority in a world that is foreign to you. I think at this point I would prefer to be in Africa as a foreigner than fundraise in America. Give me a Boda Boda and a taxi full of people all sweaty and grumpy any day! 🙂

Ok…Sorry God for grumbling but I can’t be alone in this feeling. Other missionaries and non-profit owners have to get to a point where they want to crawl in a dark hole and hide for days to make the voices stop. Positive note I have cute pink nails and have submitted a request to DesignOne to donate to the benefit concert, I didn’t pass out when talking to the manager and I got to submit the request online.

I have 3 people so far of the 20 I need to give $20 each for Billah and William’s schooling. Yay!!! That makes it all worth it! The smile on little Billah’s face when I tell her she can go to school and her mother can worry less. A close friend of mine, a very sarcastic and blunt friend, said ‘Sarah, I can say ONE word to you that will make you keep trying….BILLAH’. She was right and I strongly dislike her for her rightness and using my weak spot to not give up.

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Apple Hill CottagePosted on  9:48 pm - Aug 6, 2015

$20? Count me in. And Jesus said, Do not worry. (One of His hardest, I think.)

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