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Feeling judged by others

Feeling judged by others

When you make the decision to go to church there are a lot of things that deter you from following through. I don’t know about you but I know I couldn’t stand going to church for many many years when I was married. Few factors played a role in this fear of churches though. One being it feels like when you first walk in everyone stares at you and is judging you on your appearance and your morals. They don’t know you and you don’t know them but in your head you can feel the judgment piercing your thoughts. You may go there with some built up pain over life and events and feel as if anything you have done is far worse than what any of these other church goers have done, again judgment sinks in.

Second, you know you’ll listen to a sermon about something that may or may not cause you to cry. Which means others will now stare at you some more as you feel more and more isolated from those around you. Then not only do you feel judged but then you are judging others because you are thinking they must be better than you because they go to church all the time. And why aren’t they crying if you are crying, their has to be something wrong with you then.

Maybe no on else thinks like this?

I am starting my day today with hope. Ironic as saying that just now reminded me of the baby we lost that was named Hope and how Andy’s last words was he was going to take care of her in heaven. The past can never truly escape us but we can choose to live in the Now and let go of past pain and guilt, otherwise, life will be rather morbid and angry.

I start today with Hope. Hope for the benefit concert. Hope for little Billah in Uganda. Hope for Healing Eyes. Hope that somehow I’ll get some shampoo as my hotel size samples has exhausted itself.

If you fear churches but still want to come to the benefit concert than trust me when I say there will be no boring sermon and no judging stares. It’s a building full of people who have the same curiosity¬†over life very far way and what we all should have a desire to do, helping orphans and widows who have reached the end of their hope in a series of unfortunate events.

Can’t make it on Sept 19th because your out of state? You still can support Healing Eyes by donating $8 for an absentee ticket. that is about 28,600 shillings in Uganda and would pay for one night lodging in October when I return to those orphans and widows in a distant land.


Healing Eyes
Healing Eyes

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Fashionable LibrarianPosted on  2:18 pm - Aug 20, 2015

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Fashionable LibrarianPosted on  2:19 pm - Aug 20, 2015

It always amazes me that the place where people are to find refuge is the very place where many people feel judged the most. Sigh heavily!

    Healing EyesPosted on  2:34 pm - Aug 20, 2015

    Yea it’s frustrating truth

      Rachael Gonzalez RuboPosted on  3:43 pm - Sep 19, 2015

      Then you ladies are going to the wrong churches! There are GREAT churches that are SO FAR from judging others it’s amazing! Places where they make a point to realize and talk about all their brokenness instead of pretending! Praise God. My prayer is that the Lord will lead you there…

Feeling judged by others | John's spacePosted on  3:54 pm - Aug 20, 2015

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jandkdixonPosted on  4:04 pm - Aug 20, 2015

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Remember GOD is everywhere and where two or more are gathered in his name he is there also.

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