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calling my bluff

calling my bluff

Hello everyone from Africa. Karibu (you are welcome)

We are nearing the end of our research mission with the school called Buweboya vision junior school (pronounced boyaboya). 

It has been quite overwhelming and completely God directed as it’s very clear the vast size of all to be done. When “I can’t” it means God Can. 

We leave Monday night already and I’m sad already since I’ve gotten close to more kids. Many orphans and numerous adults. It’s very clear that rev john Wilbur who started the school a few years ago has a heart for disabled and orphaned kids. I believe him to be true and genuine in his faith in God. He humbles me beyond words. If each of you could see the means at which the school is run with such little it would be shocking to you. The school is struggling and based on what we have seen it can’t survive much longer at its rate of growth and expenses. 

So now what?

God has led me to some cheap housing to stay longer term next year to continue Healing Eyes mission to bring compassion and support. I keep thinking cardboard box but I stars he led me to some new bungalow type buildings with a gate and guard. So it seems on my return I will be safe and sound. Soo God has shown his cards and is calling my bluff ha! Now I can’t run and hide back in America. We leave Uganda with clear intentions to return to help orphans and widows. How? A humble school to start and a whole lot of compassion. There is land, workers, children, and connections with govt and a man with a social services degree he’s just sitting on. God has given the tools and location and now it’s time to follow through. We can’t wait to share more about healing eyes project and the clear vision forward!

Ah forgot…we had quite a patience opportunity at a hospital up north yesterday and let me say Appreciate American health care! I’ve been in a lot of hospitals and I nearly ripped my hair out at this hospital. We brought 3 boys and left with one X-ray (dried in the sun) and one diagnosis to amputate a leg. 

Today we went to a second clinic in a village with a girl who burned her wrist making porridge from 2 days ago. She was crying by a tree and the other kids giggled while I tried to see why she was crying. Her arm was infected so we left immediately. A better experience at the clinic but not sure how well the girl will follow thru on the pills as she is just 8 yrs old and reliant on herself. 

These medical experiences are truly just the beginning as I found another boy with the enlarged head which is common and expensive to treat. Cure hospital is near but the surgery is expensive. 

I’ll say goodnight for now. 

Pray for us as we struggle with strained hearts for each kid and the seemingly impossible project ahead. 

Healing Eyes
Healing Eyes

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