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Starting small and growing

Starting small and growing

Grow with us and Learn with us in a foreign country.

Healing Eyes is a charity that you can grow with instead of being lost in those larger charities. If your the type that likes to see something begin from the ground up and hear amazing stories of God working in broken lives than go no farther.

Today I woke up to an email from Uganda from the pastor there who was bringing one of our boys to a boarding school for the deaf.


Our Emma has safely arrived and joined the baby class, even though he is about 8 years old already. We are so excited to have our 4th kid placed in an already established boarding school. We are praying he adjusts well and finally gets the education he craves.


We also found out great news about our 2 kids who had surgeries in January, Sinambio and Sarah.

IMG_1910 DSC_0000047


Healing Eyes
Healing Eyes

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