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Another day in the past

Another day in the past

The days are hot and long and never as I plan.
My heart is sad and I find it hard to understand how missionaries survive here.. Perhaps I am not the right person for the job as I feel weaker than stronger with the people here.

The pastor asked me today, “what are the churches like in America? Do they cast out demons there?”
I said it’s a bit different because the devil tries a different approach in America. He sneaks around the edges and allows us to get comfortable and we then start to think that life should be comfortable. Keeping us blind to the battle in other countries where the devil attacks head on, as in Africa.

As I sat in a phone company for 3 hours in a line of Africans I thought this is insane but also acceptable here. It’s expected to be treated badly and to then treat others badly. Suffering is out in the open and no one smiles because first it’s too hot and second because the hunger pains of persevering hurt so much you can’t think happy thoughts or be logical. You start to get foggy in the head and glaze over. Time slows…

I think it would be easier if this mission was just something in my head and not being acted out now. Because it’s quite difficult and lonely.

I want to share good news but the highlight of today was going to the same clinic I went to yesterday but this time for my ear ache. The lady smiled and laughed that a white girl was in her shop.

Healing Eyes
Healing Eyes

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JimPosted on  6:45 pm - Mar 17, 2016

Sarah, I think you are exactly where you need to be. You weren’t called to be comfortable. You were just called. I find the more difficult the journey the more rewarding the destination. You are in my prayers and God will help you finish the good work you are doing. Keep your head up.
Jim F

JuliePosted on  2:45 am - Mar 18, 2016

Know that I am praying for you!!!! The things you have accomplished are AMAZING and PHENOMINAL!!! Don’t be too hard on yourself. It is OKAY to tell us how you truly feel sometimes about your hardships and the things that really suck about what you do. Just keep reaching out to us so you can stay ENCOURAGED. Honestly, I don’t know how you do it. You are truly an inspiration!! Praying for you daily,

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