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Being frugal to save more money for orphans

Being frugal to save more money for orphans

There has to be a reason why I have such great internet on this trip compared to past trips. I think its because each day I have important news to share and prayer requests, as well as updated news on ministry needs. Before coming I prayed for God to slow things down because I felt overwhelmed…he did it for awhile but he’s back at it again with speed.

My apartment is still not available, so that’s slow going.

However, the big ticket items are developing now and I am need prayer and support. Tomorrow I go to look at land and I pray all the proper people meet up on time and we get some answers on the accurate acreage and hearts will be open to a cheap price. It has to be cheap because as of now Healing Eyes has only a part of the money needed and needs help to reach it’s goal of $10,000 to pull this crazy impossible scheme off. We want to buy 5 acres of land in eastern Uganda to begin the vision of a school for orphans, to build up a community of widows, and to spread the love and compassion of Jesus Christ.

Another new need has arisen that involves transportation. It has become too expensive to rent a car each visit to Uganda and now God has put into motion the opportunity to buy a car and he has even guided me to people I can trust to make this possible. Now this week we will being searching and I pray we can find the necessary funds to get a vehicle. We need to raise up to $3,000.

Today I have been in my room all day because of having no transportation and the heat was so bad today. To save money I have nibbled on my snacks I brought and tonight I made sure I got some protein by eating pistachio nuts and peanut butter. If I can save a little on money by rationing food then it will be worth it. I just pray I can move tomorrow into my apartment so I can not live out of 2 crates and a suitcase.

Please pray for my ears.. the pain in them keeps returning and the last thing I need is an ear infection plus a visit to a not so good hospital:(

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Rachael RubioPosted on  3:23 am - Mar 21, 2016

Sister! The first ‘tag’ I read here is Faith. In the Name of Jesus I, by Faith in His Name impart more Faith to you. Radical, awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping Faith. Faith that moves mountains and shrivels fig trees at a Word. You are In Jesus. So are All your circumstances. Change the lens of your eyes from the natural realm to the spirit realm. Are there ear-infections in Jesus? Or in Heaven? NO. So they are not in you. Tell it to Go. Whatever we focus on Grows. Focus only on Him and He will grow larger than anything around you. I Promise. He Promises. In fact realize that the bigger the “problem” only means the PROMISE is Bigger! With that comes HUGE PROVISION!!! We are children of Promise, not children of problems. Know this, that you are NOT an orphan. And those kids there need to see that in you, to learn that for themselves. God is so incredibly AMAZING, PERFECT, GLORIOUS, GRACIOUS, FULL OF MAJESTY, and you belong to Him. An heir of the Kingdom that Lacks Nothing! Focus on His Majesty. He fed like 15,000 people from a fish sandwich. You can no longer think like the rest of the world. You are of a different Kingdom. You have more than what you need. Focus on Majesty and Abundance. And it will Grow. Please study Authority in the Gospels. Jesus is our only model. Jesus is perfect Theology. And He is your elder Brother. And your King. And Savior. And Provider. Your Lord and Master. Your Example. Your Sacrifice and Righteousness. His Stripes Already Healed You. Take Courage, Strength, and Peace. Thank Him in Advance for giving you more than you need. Faith Grows your Blessing and Praise Releases whats already waiting for you in the Treasury. Love You!

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