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A boy in pain and I’m helpless to do anything

A boy in pain and I’m helpless to do anything

The reality is that I have no words to describe the pain I felt when I saw my boy named Emma again at the school for the deaf. Healing Eyes moved him there to get a real start at an education since in the village he was considered ‘dumb and deaf’. He can partially hear but this disability left him incapable of excelling in school.

When we finally arrived at the deaf school it was so quite but the grounds were quite pleasing. The children were all sitting quietly (as they are all mostly deaf it kind of makes sense why it was so quiet). It was parents visiting day and we were the first. What pained my heart was that Emma was in much pain from a bacteria infection that caused an abscess in his armpit.


This is a common occurrence here because antibiotics are not abundantly found and they cost money, of which many do not have the money or the ability to travel to get it. I’m not a medical expert but the nurse at the school said it was ready to be cut and the puss released. That all sounded great and rather routine to them, but I thought man that thing has to hurt! I hesitate in sharing the following video but I think it helps paint the picture for all of you who are not here feeling what I am. You won’t see Emma but you will see the school grounds and sadly hear him screaming as they begin releasing the puss. Now they didn’t use numbing medicine which is why it pains me even more to tell you that its common to not give anesthetic to ease the pain from the procedure. This is all very common! But in America we see it as wrong because we are blessed to have medicine readily available even without insurance.

Emma was walking around after and very strong boy. He will get antibiotics I am told and should be just fine. His grandmother came with and I could see he pained her to see him hurt but she tried to not show it. A very strong woman! The school looked very nice though and I am glad he has made a friend at the school too!


The day I went I wasn’t very thrilled about travelling so far to see the boy that hardly knew me. He didn’t even smile when he saw me but I think God wanted us there to give him that compassion he needed and sometimes just ‘being’ makes all the difference in the world to someone hurting.

(Our 0ther kids who have been helped medically: Mercy had malaria, Recho has infection on her head, Sinambio needed pain killer and antibiotic from his hernia surgery)

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