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Patiently letting the dust settle.

Patiently letting the dust settle.

Been silent for awhile but as you can imagine it’s been quite a couple months of changes.

In Africa we are continuing to work on registering our land title and begin talks on how to develop the land. We are  in ‘savings’ mode with some our donations coming in to be ready to start fencing and drilling for water. A fence and water can seem a bit dull but as with everything when it first starts out there is the foundation that has to be laid first. This foundation is proving to be a very difficult task and here we thought finding land was difficult!

Our foundation in Africa consists of basic trust building right now. We are known in the village as people with money and those that hold the key to a new school in their community. As always it is Their community and not ours, which means we have to be patient and enlist them to have some value in the project. What is growing to be difficult is the strain on communication from email and phone while still getting things done without being pushy and ‘know it all’ sounding.

As of now the pastor has become ill and this is slowing progress but in a way helping us more with being patient and slow in moving forward. Some of the dust needs to settle there first. A phased approach needs to be implemented and lots and lots of research before putting all the generous donations from supporters to work.

We wait on God for how He is going to move some pieces around with my health, my new marriage, and the ability to work remotely from the states. Thankfully the ‘my health’ part is improving every day and you couldn’t even tell I went through cancer a month and half ago.

Thank you


4 acres of land

4 acres of land HealingEyes.org purchased.


The Well full of bacteria and parasites .

Healing Eyes
Healing Eyes

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