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Smiling Again

Smiling Again

It’s easy to get overwhelmed in the details of trying to save everyone. But a photo like this one of our boy Emma smiling at his boarding school melts the heart and reassures us we can make a difference. Many of you know the last 3 months have been difficult on a personal level since coming back to the states from Africa. A cancer diagnosis was a complete surprise and nearly stopped everything we started with Healing Eyes. We had just bought land in Africa and were feeling good about our progress and out of no where comes cancer again. Now only 2.5 months post surgery the feelings of Africa are slowly returning, like a slow ache forgotten for awhile but still persisting. Being detached from that day to day suffering makes it easy to NOT go back, but instead, turn my thoughts inward to protect myself becomes very attractive. It feels like I have earned some selfishness because of cancer….and yet…there still is that persistent ache I can’t shake.

IMG_0865This recent photo (only 2 days ago) says a lot because over time I have learned doing a little NOW can reap rewards LATER. Emma was placed in a boarding school for the deaf last year and while there he got a terrible abscess under his armpit that had to be cut out. But then he recovered and we moved him to another school closer to his village that also deals with deaf kids. He has partial hearing but because of his disability he can’t thrive in a government school or Buweboya vision junior school, we just aren’t equipped for teaching kids with disabilities. We don’t even have a real building yet at Buweboya. The point is we did take the step and over time Emma is smiling more. In the end I hope that is enough….to cheer up a child today.


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