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Dush, Shrubs, School Supplies

Dush, Shrubs, School Supplies

We’ve been traveling miles down dusty roads. The roads here are incredibly dusty because it’s the dry season. Translation?.. no rain in over 3 months plus the hot African Sun equals dust on dust on dust. Today we went all day without food, save a piece of bread with peanut butter on it. Due to the busyness of the day, I forgot to stop and drink any water, a regrettable mistake. However, the day was very fruitful! We bought school supplies for 5 children who will be starting boarding school. It was quite a feat to accomplish in Mbale. A town where everything is bartered for and sold at different shops lining the unsanitary roads. The smell of sweat and burning trash overwhelms the senses.

I’ve come to realize, you either love, hate, or endure this country. I am undecided as of yet if its love or sheer determination to succeed that keeps us going. Either way it is a mission that stands before us, a very insurmountable and overwhelming endeavor God has placed on our lap.


We have been trying to find a way to mark the new land. Originally, we thought a fence was the best idea but that idea has since been defeated. The cost of materials is far too high. God is good, He showed us a better idea that is far more appealing! We will plant a hedge around the border of the land and watch it grow over the year. There is a wonderful landscaper in Mbale who will sell us the plant. Without hesitation, we put a deposit on them. When the rainy season starts in April, we hope to plant.


…and so ends another long day in Africa.


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