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Waking up this morning after a terrible night battling a headache I dreaded getting up to face another day. A list of complaints popped into my head before even setting my foot outside the mosquito net. It is now Saturday and in my head I’m counting the days to when I fly back to the comfort of America. There is a short list of things to be completed this coming week but today is a slow day of sitting and waiting. A day of waiting can be very boring.

Do I sound grumpy?

I have learned a new trick to get the dirt off my feet and polish the roughness from my sandal worn heels. It seemed an obvious solution since in America we have those rough stones used in pedicures but I needed a child to teach me how to clean my feet. So now I am on day 3 of cleaning my feet and I’m happy to say they look white again! Take one basin and fill with water from outside and then take one bar of soap to lather the soles, find a rough edge of concrete and then scrub and rinse. Poof the dirt is gone!

During my feet washing meditation time I had a conversation with JaJa where she shared the most eerie news to me. It seems that last year in May when I was first living in this house and became sick that before she came to take care of me she heard a voice. She lives far away and the decision to come help me last year was a difficult one because it means leaving her crop behind but she prayed about what to do. She heard a whisper over her shoulder, “Sarah is my Ambassador”. She didn’t understand who said it or what it meant but later when she prayed she heard it again, “Sarah is my Ambassador”.

Last year I was so grateful when she came to help me because I was truly sick with parasites and an ear infection, she helped bring me back to health and raised my spirits when I was alone. It is reassuring to know God is taking care of me when I am in a foreign country, even when he doesn’t tell me how he is doing it. He works in whispers, those quiet moments when we ask him for help, He doesn’t always talk loudly so we must take the time to listen very carefully for that still small voice to speak the truth.

I know that today I am feeling a bit better and less pointless in being here because it seems God went ahead and told my JaJa I am ‘His Ambassador’. Perhaps you too are an Ambassador but no one has told you the good new yet…

Healing Eyes
Healing Eyes

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