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Progress after 2 years

Progress after 2 years

It’s pretty cool when you wake up knowing you have a stack of money to deposit at the bank from random people giving to a cause thousands of miles away from everything they are familiar with. Putting trust in a God that the money will be used for his plan and that Healing Eyes will fulfill that promise. After 2 years of running this non-profit from only 1 supporter who gave $50 a month to where we are now it’s quite astounding. As we grow our expenses grow and as we grow more kids show up and as we grow the impossible seems more possible.

Sometimes I make the mistake of sharing how I want to give up while in Africa. I smack myself over the head each time I say that because perhaps that shows weakness on my part. But haven’t we all felt like giving up on things when it gets hard or when everyone is against the idea? Change is hard and even harder when you don’t see the entire plan or the money to make it happen. Maybe my honesty of sharing my doubts can be used to show God’s confidence in this plan and that what he sets out to do he will finish. When I show weakness, fear, and doubt don’t lose heart in Healing Eyes but turn to praying for God to strengthen Healing Eyes to make it past each speed bump along the way. When I got back in May there will be more moments of despair and full on attacks to my spirit as well as success of the project. It happens every time! Somehow something fails or goes astray because of the nature of the village I go to. This is a village where survival is goal and at any means possible. It’s almost like the wild west if I had ever experienced that. Outlaws run free, stealing is acceptable, lying comes so naturally off their lips that they don’t even know they are doing it at times. What better place to show God’s love to, right?!

WE have a few goals this year and some impossible objectives that you can help us with.

  1. Raise $2,100 to buy 300 bags of cement by May 14, we are 18% there!  Donate here
  2. Buy a brick making machine to save on overall costs. Want to buy us a Brick Machine for only $450?
  3. Start building 2-4 classrooms by the Fall of 2017
  4. Keep a qualified head teacher in the village (we have run out of money to finance past May to keep a teacher)
Healing Eyes
Healing Eyes

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