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Building a future for the broken hearted

Building a future for the broken hearted

The future generations will build up the community and through our works today the fruits of our labor will be seen. Today we can’t see the benefits of our struggle in the village and tomorrow it might be a little clearer but it’s the change that comes from the children that we hope the most impact will be realized.

So many difficult phone calls this week with Africa and the challenges we face. It’s as if everything is against breaking through the barriers of lying, stealing, pride, carelessness, and exhaustion. The hurdles we face this year are coming in the forms of pride of men in the village who can’t see past their own selfishness to be recognized. The vast piles of paperwork needed to become a NGO in Africa. The uneasy feeling of not knowing where money will come from to build the classrooms needed. In the middle of all this are the children that just want to go to school today and eat lunch. So easy to forget the simple fact that the orphaned need a place to study other than under a mango tree. We must get these children out from under the trees and into a clean and ‘real to the touch’ classroom made from cement and steel.

To do this we need support from individuals, businesses, churches, mysterious strangers who can give $7 for a bag of cement to reach our goal of $2,100. Slowly we can eat away at the materials needed and then by this fall, We Pray, build classrooms.

Right now we have kids in boarding schools in other towns but this can’t be long term because the widows and families want to visit their children but can’t afford the transport. In time we will have classrooms so all the children can stay in the village to learn and be loved. It’s a slow process full of so may twists and turns it’s almost like a soap opera with the amount of drama that materializes.

The cost of a cement bag is the equivalent of giving up 2 cups of Starbucks coffee or a lunch at a fast food restaurant. Wouldn’t it be great to see that $7 go to something that lasts longer and impacts hundreds of children who have no chance without you.

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