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Change come Slow but it Does Happen

Change come Slow but it Does Happen

Today I met with a consultant at a firm here in Michigan that helps non-profits write their story and raise funds. It was a great discussion and reminded me that I need to share with all of you more of our Successes.  It’s easy that we start to get overwhelmed by the impossible and think nothing ever happens for the better and what is all that money really accomplishing on a culture that just won’t budge. We always hear about Africa this and that and the evil that happens and the cheating and stealing, just seems downright hopeless.  Let me tell you it actually is Not hopeless and this is why.


Our boy Martin came to us with eyelids that dropped too low and was causing him to bend his head back to see the chalkboard. He had grown up with this condition and his grades were failing, other kids mocked him, and he felt hopeless. Now today in the picture with the red shirt Martin is standing straight, he can see, his tears are gone, and he has hope at boarding school.

Sponsored kids in Boarding School:

Meet the children whom you have changed the course of their lives through partnering monthly with Healing Eyes. Billah, William, Emma, Charles, James, Martin, Margaret, Rose, Simon, Brian, Samson. Each child here now has the opportunity to learn and break free from poverty because they are learning skills for their tomorrow. These children have Hope again because of your partnership. To think we started with just one little girl named Billah 2 years ago:)

boarderscovent boardersagu boardersnabu

The community has started to build a fence:

On 4 acres of land in Uganda, just last week, we mobilized Ugandans in the village to plant seedlings as an inexpensive fence. We researched a steel fence  and realized the cost was too high and God showed us a creative way around the problem that was cheaper. What a blessing it is to see kids smile while doing good in their community. Perhaps it is through these small efforts that the adults in the village can see how hard work, honesty, and love can improve their lives through Christ. We can’t change a culture, and we don’t want to, because God made each of us unique for a reason but He did ask us to be compassionate and loving for our neighbors. This is where you have the opportunity help change a village to see compassion in action by helping Healing Eyes continue it’s mission in Uganda through partnership on projects like these.

planting4  planting2 plantin1

Last but not least, The PIGS!

We can’t forget our oinky little friends that have shown us success in the small projects. Two pigs purchased last year by a family in Michigan have now given birth to 2 litters of pigs. Even more encouraging is the man behind taking care of the pigs who is now sharing ideas with us on how to improve the project and keep it sustainable. Sadly one of our adult pigs died last week due to pneumonia but we still see the fruits of our labor in Uganda. One man understands the future outlook more than the immediate gain of money. Bam! That kind of knowledge is earned and not given through money. Thank You God for speaking to the hearts of the broken and inspiring change to take root. We hope to help sponsor the man’s education to finish his business degree, he had to put it on hold due to lack of money, if we can help him finish his education than he can help his community think differently with business.


So where does this leave us for tomorrow? Persevering in a difficult land filled with deceit, theives, murder, hoplessness, and despair. However, we know we have all of you joining us in this journey and God’s love to direct us. Partner with us today in one of our many ministry needs by monthly giving, we promise to be honest and straightforward on where your money goes and share in the hard times we face while serving in Africa. As some of you know many will try to steal from us and the devil is already trying to make everything fall apart but we know that it’s the journey the produces the best results and it will not be a boring journey.  Our needs are simple

Give $35 a month to sponsor a childGive $35 a month to cover monthly expensesBuy us a sewing machine for $185 to start a tailoring programBuy a bag of cement for $7 to build our schoolSponsor a teacher for $100 a month.

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