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Another Faith Step

Another Faith Step

With every step forward we take a step back but if we never took a step we would never know what could happen. So today I have purchased a sewing machine to use for a tailoring project. It will start very small but could be the beginning of something to encourage widows who have so little.

This week I have been accused of not caring about orphans and widows, I can’t lie, it has hurt me greatly. How can I recover from such hurtful words and the use of bible verses against me? I guess it’s just going to be through pure determination to not give up and try another door that has opened up to me. Of course it was a door I hesitated¬†to open last year but better late than never I say:)

Now I took a bit of a leap in faith because I only raised $90 to cover the sewing machine and I am short $90 still. Plus I haven’t really found a way to pay a teacher the monthly stipend yet. But I think God will work that detail out for me like he always does.

So the plan is start with 1 machine and then find maybe 3-5 widows in need and begin teaching tailoring as a income generating trade for widows. This can work!

Please pray for us to raise the money needed, our budget will be about $600 to run for 6 months plus the remaining $90 to pay off the sewing machine. Pass this on to anyone that would want to finance the project. All donations are tax deductible too.

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