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Prep time is the worse

Prep time is the worse

The prep work that goes into staining an old and dirty deck is a lot! At first I thought it would only need a power wash and then I could let it dry and stain it. Wrong. I needed to clean it first, which I thought would be an easy spray on wash off technique. Wrong. It took trial and error to get it right as I did it, one board at a time, very slowly to not splash the cleaner on the other boards. At first I wanted to give up because I saw spots everywhere where the cleaner had bleached the board too early, thinking it ruined the wood. But I didn’t want to give up and was determined to perfect the art of cleaning. So I had to go back one board at a time, slowly rinsing the solution and not touching the others so it would have enough time to clean the board with its super powerful ingredients. Two days later the deck is prepped and ready for the stain, the final touch of perfection to make it shine and protect it from the elements.

It was satisfying work to clean the deck but a lot of unwanted extra effort. Maybe that’s what life is like….I want the end result but putting that extra unwanted effort into it slows me down. It seemed straightforward to just go to Africa and help people. I thought of course they would want help and if I just did something I would be accepted and it would be a happily ever after story. Of course I knew Africa was a hard country to navigate and a lot of corruption but I still thought it could be done if your just honest and hard working.

If only there was an instruction label for missionary work, a warning or caution label.

Then again I didn’t read the warning label carefully on the cleaner I used on my deck which later I saw stripped some of the color out of my clothes.

Africa (Uganda) is still in the prep work phase and needing a lot of cleaning to get the ground ready for development. Right now we are seeing small glimpses of hope with the tailoring program and the widows prospering from that. We are seeing our 18 kids in boarding school studying and growing each year from the opportunity given to them. We are seeing the value of the struggle with parents and caretakers to have them stay involved with their children by them buying school requirements for their kids and participating in their education. We even have some piglets that were sold and the money going back into the project. However, it’s not as we imagined it to be and it’s not without it’s downfalls and disappointments. When people we trusted turned on us and projects are stopped because of thieves its very sad but it’s all part of the prep work. The cleaning, washing, scrubbing, power washing and sanding to have a good start is important and part of the journey.

Don’t give up…even if your beaten and tired….Blessings come out of the struggle.

Healing Eyes
Healing Eyes

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