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I’m grounded for awhile but the ministry continues on in Uganda even in my absence. Our pilot tailoring program has been progressing for over 3 months now and the ladies are diligent in coming to learn and making some pretty nice things.

Forces are working against us to slow and frustrate the ministry and now with added health burdens we are slowing down in our work but not stopping. God has blessed us with people in Uganda working alongside us and he has blessed us with resources to keep moving on the projects we have started, tailoring and pigs. The 18 kids in boarding schools are showing signs of improvement and are adjusting to a new life of education and seeing God’s love work in their lives.

Often we get stuck on the negatives happening in a project and lose sight of all the good that’s happening. Yea we haven’t broken ground yet on an official 4 classroom building but we have broken ground on relationship building. The children in boarding schools  are slowly seeing how we want to help them and shower them with the love they deserve. These kid’s caretakers and parents get to experience a partnership in their child’s education and see the benefits of working together. It’s never a fast thing to change lives and its definitely not easy to say No to just handing out freebies when doing so is instant gratification and soooo much easier than tough love.  All our kids in boarding school know there parents are working with us to put them through school and we pray over time the results will be what God wanted all along. Love and Compassion for his orphans.

So as we wait and ponder what’s next and go through some personal surgeries for physical healing God has it all under control in His time, even if it seems slooooow on this end.

Prayers as we move along and find our way in Uganda…relationship building…and the right way to impact lives for Christ.

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